dinsdag 14 januari 2014

I hate winter. No, really.

I am never so happy that I can make my own clothing as when the weather becomes truly vile. Store-bought clothes just don't cut it. 

Clothing for women is designed to be pretty. It is made to be representative, to make you look like you fit in or make you stand out. It will help you draw attention to your assets, and hide that part of your body that you feel so bad about*. It is available in many wonderful colors. There is also a multitude of style options; one day you can look like a housewife from the fifties, the next day you're Miley Cyrus.  

However, one of the things storebought clothing CANNOT do, is keeping me warm. Seriously: shirts routinely end a little past my elbow, pants are unlined and sit way too low at  my waist. My bellybutton is not meant to withstand such drafty conditions! Let's not even talk about sweaters:  materials that would not keep you warm in summer, let alone winter and necklines so low that my bra is the only thing that keeps my bust from freezing off. 

Luckily, I know how to knit and sew. And I have no shame, so I WILL wear everything at the same time if I need to. As I did today. 

I haz ALL  the warmz......

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