vrijdag 30 september 2011

Top! Burda 04-2005

I’m still in love with patterns with fabric twists and knots, so I decided to make this golden oldie (pattern of the year in 2005!) I'm very happy that I already made a similar item, as the instructions by Burda alone would have left me scratching my head.  The number markings on the pattern are very helpful, so if you find this magazine somewhere, be sure to transfer those. 

I love this top, it's a great summer look. The only thing is that the neckline is very deep, as in; “the little bow in the middle of your bra will peek out”-deep. Usually I avoid details at the bust like the knot because I really don't need volume enhancing looks at that point unless I decide I need a career change and start going by a name like Honey Diamond. However, this style actually looks nice, without giving me Jessica-Rabbit visions when I look in the mirror. What helps is that this top actually fits, thanks to a FBA out of “Fit for Real People”. Sometimes I dislike the time all those pattern adjustments take me, but it is so very much worth it. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! So interesting! The small chest drape beautifully enhances ... I have to look for that pattern ... Soooo lovely!

  2. This is a STUNNING top! The pattern and fabric choice are an awesome combo. Well done for finding the patience to do an FBA. Thanks also for your comment on my Breton-effect top the other day. In response to your question: no the lace wasn't a stretch one, but because the lace is only applied to the front panel and the style isn't tight fitting there are no problems with wear, not that that top was for me though! All the best, Zoe xxx