dinsdag 15 september 2009

Fun with patterns

Old movies are awesome, and so are the clothes people wear in them. I've always admired Katherine Hepburns style, and I covet a pair of Marlene pants. It seems that the moment you put those on, you'll be mysterious, elegant and yet practical and worldwise all at the same time. That's a lot of responsibility for one pair of pants, so maybe that's why I've never been able to find the perfect pair.

This wardrobe is meant to be worn for the fantasy new job, and because it is a fantasy in many ways, it doesn't neceserily needs to match any real world expectations of businesswear, as far as I'm concerned. It's much more important that it looks like something Marlene would wear :).

So, the starting point of this was a Marlene-suit, and some white tops because I desperately need them. I added the sort-of-chanel suit because I love that style and it fits with the theme. When everything was grouped together, I noticed that most of the items are things that would have been considered mens businesswear in the 1930's. Sort of makes sense as all three of my greatest fashion-icons of all times focussed on adapting menswear for women. I just love how they refused to accept the uncomfortable, restricting and impractical clothing of their day, and invented something new.

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  1. what a lot of fun using film as an inspirration point for outfits! The fabrics you have chosen in the post below are gorgeous!